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Hello, my name is Tim McMurtrie, and I formed Tripsquad Productionz in 1992 during the recording of M.O.D.’s album “Rhythm of Fear”. I am the original guitarist of M.O.D.’s classic album “USA for M.O.D.” (1987). My company Tripsquad Productionz provides various services to the music industry. First and foremost I provide music production for bands and artists of all different genres. I exclusively work out of Traxeast Studios in South River, NJ and have worked on over 12 full length records and several other recordings.

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TSP Clients:


International Celebrity Bookings 🎩

We have the access and connections to featured Hip Hop artists, DJs, and Celebrity Hosts.  If you want them, we can get them.  Just ask.  Serious Inquiries only.  Call (201)-923-7979 for more details. Click here to view a list of our booking roster.

TSP Main Events 🎩




Blue Room Club Rental 🎩

The Blue Room is available for rent by: Bands, Artists, Promoters, Party Planners, Event Hosting, and more.

If you want to host your own concert, party, showcase, or event, here’s the info for The Blue Room:

Blue Room

Want to rent The Blue Room?


  • The Blue Room is 21 and up, no exceptions!
  • Club Rental – email Tim McMurtrie at tripsqud-tim@hotmail.com or call 201-923-7979 for details and pricing.
  • The Blue Room has a capacity of 180 (160, plus 20 artists).
  • Located in Secaucus, New Jersey, 10 minutes from the GWB.
  • You can charge what you want at the door.
  • You must provide your own DJ! (They must have all of their equipment and cabling to connect to our board). However, we have the full sound system board and speakers.
  • You must have a trusted person at the door, we provide a two man security crew and the bartenders.
  • For an extra $45, our graphics guy Josh can make your flyer image, and we can provide 10 posters and 160 tickets.  These must be paid for and picked up at The Harem Nightclub (100 Rt. 17, South Lodi, New Jersey) after 6pm.  If interested, call 201-923-7979 to make these arrangements.
  • We have both PayPal and a TD Bank LLC account to submit payment for the deposit.


For the posters, tickets, and image to be made by our graphics guy, Josh – you must:

Get together an email with all the show details.  Any pictures and logos must be at pixel size (300 DPI), and sent to our design department, MUST INCLUDE SHOW DATE YOU’VE CHOSEN to: dznr42@gmail.com.

Lastly, once you choose a date, you MUST make the deposit of half to lock the date down, then you MUST pay the other half prior to doors on date of show.


For a Long Term Renter

You would have to choose three (3) show dates and would pay the rental fee at a reduced rate. Any questions, call Tim at (201)-923-7979.

Bands and Artists must be able to sell 10 tickets at 10 dollars a pop for local band/artists events. Everything after the first 10 tickets you keep at full face value of 10 dollars. You can ask for as many tickets as you need, but whatever you do not sell must be given back to us the day of the event. For feature events and shows with international touring bands/artists the ticket price and the amount of tickets you must sell to get on these shows is subject to change. We are able to take payments through PayPal and TD Bank LLC for tickets.


The backline information may be found below, please read it thoroughly.


We have a backline that consists of:

2 Marshall Guitar Cabs (Bring your heads or combos if you have those).

We also have a Bass, 115 watt combo amp.  You will need to bring cables for the equipment.  Drummer will need all stands, drum seat, snare stand, all cymbals, and kick pedals.  We have 4 drums, a kick, 2 “Toms”, and a Floor Tom.  There’s room for another Floor Tom, if you need one.

Any other questions, call me Friday during the day after 1pm at 973-879-5165.