About Tim “T” McMurtrie


Tim McMurtrie, also known by his nickname “T,” is the former original guitarist of the legendary hardcore band M.O.D. 


In 1985, the NYC underground hardcore scene got Tim’s attention. He eventually got his band, ANGRY CORPSES, to meet up with former S.O.D. front man, Billy Milano, who subsequently joined ANGRY CORPSES along with Kenny Ballone (bass) and Keith Davis (drums), ultimately forming the legendary group M.O.D. 


During his tenure in M.O.D., Tim co-wrote their 1987 debut album USA for M.O.D. and went on a nationwide U.S. tour, where they opened for thrash metal legends Exodus. In 1992, he returned to M.O.D., playing guitar and writing most of the music and lyrics for the bands next release, “Rhythm of Fear.”


Tim’s work in M.O.D. had got him dubbed by many music journalists in metal magazines and fans around the world as “The Riff master.”


Throughout his on and off time with M.O.D., Tim started producing bands and artists, forming TripSquad Productionz (TSP). In 1992, TSP exploded onto the scene with Tim’s new project Rhythm Trip – one of the first original fusions of the true metal/rap crossover genre.


In 1996, Rhythm Trip released their debut album Bring Da’ Ruckus on Intercord Bullet Proof Records. After its release, Rhythm Trip performed over 50 show dates in Europe, including performances at Europe’s huge open-air festivals, playing along the likes of Motorhead, Type O Negative, Madball, Life Of Agony and more.


The second album on TripSquad Productionz’s list finished up in 1998. Rhythm Trip debuted their sophomore album Return of Da’ Dragon on Digital Dimension Records. The band continued performing their unique sound making Rhythm Trip’s music one the groundbreaking forces that style of music was founded upon.


Then in 2006, Tim went back to his hardcore/metal roots with Full Scale Riot, playing guitar with former members of M.O.D., Bulldoze, PRO-PAIN, Dillinger Escape Plan, 25 ta’ LIFE and Rhythm Trip. 


Full Scale Riot unleashed their EP titled, “RISE” on hundreds of radio stations throughout the U.S. and played shows throughout the east coast of the U.S., ultimately breaking up in 2010. 


Tim switched gears to focus on his company Tripsquad Productionz, producing several bands in the studio out of Trax East Recording Studios in South River, N.J. and also became partners in the nightclub business. He started booking shows and became Head of Operations at the Blue Room in Secaucus, N.J.


But Tim was by no means done playing guitar or writing music. In 2015, he re-formed Full Scale Riot with new drummer Evan Rossiter and original members BJ (vocals), Tim (guitar) and Jeff Wood (bass).


The band released their EP, “DEPOPULATION” and in 2016 their first full length “Empower” on Eulogy Records.


Currently, Tim and TSP still produce bands and artists in the studio and still operates the Blue Room. Most recently he gained a distribution deal with Select O Hits and partnered with Surely Music, LLC, forming his own record label, Tripsquad Records. The first release comes out July 21, 2017.


Music has been the very essence of Tim’s lifestyle. His longevity and respect is proof enough to remain in the music business for over 30 years strong is not easy for most.