About DJ Tarzan



A Newark, NJ representer, DJ Tarzan’s background began with hoops as an accomplished high school basketball player. Seeing the bigger picture, he invested in his future and began looking at music as a realistic career. Having managed local artists, DJ Tarzan familiarized himself with the inner workings of the music industry and hasn’t looked back.


Before some of your favorite major artists became major, it’s a huge possibility that they had to work their way up in a showcase or two.


In any industry, brand building is a must and in the digital era that we’re in, the look is just as important as is the balance of style and substance.


Meet DJ Tarzan.


Noticing the need for upcoming musical artists to showcase their talent Dj Tarzan created The Next Big Showcase.


Active for about five years, The Next Big Showcase is a live performance platform that gives unsigned music artists the opportunity to perform, build a fanbase and put their music out to the people in front of people and notable judges.


From Meek Mill, Funk Flex, Phresher, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones, The Breakfast Clubs’ DJ Envy, Jadakiss and Hot 97’s & Love and Hip Hop DJ Drewski don the list of credible names that have swarmed by to judge and participate in The Next Big Showcases happenings. Atlantic Record executives and Source Magazine have even stopped by to show love.


2016-17 is a big year for The Next Big Showcase’s co-Founder, DJ Tarzan, known as “The Newest Cosigner”. According to records, The Next Big Showcase has managed to sell out 95 of its 107 shows. The draw seems to be that their consistency has been truly a major key. The Next Big Showcase has grown to be one of the most consistent and largest artist showcase brands in the Tri-State.